Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top grossing soccer clubs in 2009-10 season

Update on the Deloitte Football Money League. (I couldn't find the official website with the update, but the Wikipedia page seems to be up to date.)

Real Madrid is once again the club in the world that generated the most revenue, with 439 million euros (did I mention that I am a Real Madrid fan?). The Madrid team is followed ever more closely by FC Barcelona, with 398 million euros. The rest of the top ten:

3. Manchester United (England)
4. Bayern Munich (Germany)
5. Arsenal (England)
6. Chelsea (England)
7. AC Milan (Italy)
8. Liverpool (England)
9. Inter Milan (Italy)
10. Juventus (Italy)

FC Barcelona just signed a deal with Qatar Foundation, which will lift the club's revenue above the 400 million mark. The club will receive 165 million euros in exchange for sporting the name of the foundation on the players' shirts. This is the first time that Barcelona will feature a paying advertiser. The club currently pays Unicef to sport their logo, and before then they did not have any advertising on their shirts.

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